Regina Burch, author

Regina is a published author of children's books promoting character education. Topics include courage, compassion, honesty, sharing, friendship, cooperation, respect, perseverance, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Regina's Character Education Resource Guide gives parents and teachers strategies for teaching children character in tandem with the children's books.

Regina is available to teach parent and teacher workshops to meet your children's needs. Contact her at

"If we had a star system, this one would get a four!" --Patricia Broderick, Editorial Director, Teaching Pre-K-8 Magazine

"Straightforward lyrics with simple melodies make this collection an easy-to-use resource for both and classroom teachers." --InfoTech Review, Southern Regional Educational Board

Character Education CD

This collection reads and sings the 12 Character Education books published by Creative Teaching Press, pairing with the books so they are read-along / sing-along books. Promotes one-to-one correspondence, rhythmic activities and other skills. Has an instrumental melody for each character trait for quiet moments. Music includes various musical genres, including lullabies, Latin-influence, and rock and roll and others. It.s fun for kids to combine learning with song!