Regina Burch, author

As a Kindergarten teacher and a certified teacher trainer for developmental education, Regina Burch has developed innovative ways to compact the curriculum to get the most out of each available teaching moment. She encourages parents in her workshops to reinforce or review basic skills by challenging children to explore vocabulary and integrate manners into any curriculum area. For example, listening skills can be practiced by asking children to react in a concrete way when target words are heard during reading or listening activities. By encouraging children to clap or jump when a certain word or phrase is heard (such as .thank you. or .I.m sorry.), comprehension is increased. While reading Good Manners for Kids of All Ages, photos can be used for discussion of basic skills: likenesses /differences, inside/outside, things that are cold, taller/shorter, left/right, etc.

"Good Manners is an excellent book for teaching manners to kids of all ages. I have used it with mine between the ages of 4-9. The children like the book and love to listen to the c, which really helps them to remember the manners without thinking about it. My children really like the puppet pictures illustrating the manner being discussed. I highly recommend this as a great tool for teaching kids at home, church, or in school setting and it would make a great gift." --Lisa Todd, Mom, Homeschool Teacher

Good Manners

Promote Positive Interaction and Reading Skills

Positive peer interaction is fostered by having good manners. This 51-page sing-along/read-along book/CD helps children understand how to show good manners in 12 categories. The book features 3 pages of enrichment activities. Topics include the following:

Saying "excuse me"Respecting others "space"
Responding when introduced  Saying "Thank you"
Saying "I'm sorry"Using tissue correctly
Manners for EatingWaiting one's turn
Asking permissionSpeaking to elders politely