NEW! 2 new books from Regina Burch

This new book provides strategies to help children deal with their parentís PTSD symptoms. While directed at military veteran families, it is useful for any family affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!

Help put an end to bullying! Encourage childrenís good manners while they sing-along and read-along! Only $9.95 for book and CD, or Music CD only $5

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The Artists Unlimited Home Page is dedicated to all artistic endeavour, but especially to the art of rearing children. I hope you will find our parenting articles helpful.

Character Education Readers

Help put an end to bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction. These motivational readers allow you to double your instructional time by teaching children important character-building values while promoting practice with their reading skills. The books complement a CD or cassette that includes a narrative reading of each book as well as the lyrics presented as a song. Invite students to listen to the catchy tunes as they follow along in their books. Soon, your students will be singing their way toward building a more caring classroom community. 16 pages each.

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