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    Help put an end to bullying and violence by focusing on and teaching positive peer interaction. The 12 Character Readers are motivational readers that allow you to double your instructional time by teaching children important character-building values while promoting practice with their reading skills. The books complement a CD or cassette that includes a narrative reading of each book as well as the lyrics presented as a song. Invite students to listen to the catchy tunes as they follow along in their books. Soon, your students will be singing their way toward building a more caring classroom community. 16 pages each.

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Regina Burch, author

Regina is a published author of children's books promoting character education. Topics include courage, compassion, honesty, sharing, friendship, cooperation, respect, perseverance, self-discipline, and responsibility.

Regina's Character Education Resource Guide gives parents and teachers strategies for teaching children character in tandem with the children's books.

Regina is available to teach parent and teacher workshops to meet your children's needs. Contact her at artists-unlimited@nc.rr.com.

"If we had a star system, this one would get a four!" --Patricia Broderick, Editorial Director, Teaching Pre-K-8 Magazine

"Straightforward lyrics with simple melodies make this collection an easy-to-use resource for both and classroom teachers." --InfoTech Review, Southern Regional Educational Board

About Us

Mission Statement

Artists Unlimited is a company dedicated to fostering creative artistry. We believe that everyone has unlimited talents, and it is important to take the risk to uncover and explore talents and to share them with others. We are committed in our support of the United States military. Our service members give unselfishly of their talents to keep our nation free.

Artists-Unlimited is a family business created to share and market the talents of Regina G. Burch who was a classroom teacher for 30 years and has been selected by two different school staffs as Teacher of the Year. Husband Michael, and their two sons, both military veterans, assist and utilize their computer skills to turn Regina's music compositions, photography, and writings into marketable products.

Regina has received numerous educational grants to enrich and explore multiculturalism, puppetry, and literacy. She has written articles for international news organizations and magazines on a variety of topics. Regina researched and wrote Love Is All You Need, a novel about The Beatles following a media assignment to Great Britain during which she interviewed Paul McCartney. She has interviewed many people in The Beatles' world including Astrid Kirshher, Walter Shenson, and numerous others. She was a guest speaker at Beatlefest six times, serving on round table panels concerning facts about The Beatles' music as well as sharing facts gleaned in preparation for her novel.

Primary focus for Regina's writing recently has been character education after working as a teacher trainer for developmental education. There were very few appropriate character education resources to meet the needs of her classroom character education program, so Regina wrote 12 Character Readers, read-along / sing-along books with a separately sold CD. The series was published in 2002 by Creative Teaching Press. Regina wrote a Teacher/Parent Resource Guide to accompany the Character Readers, all of which focus on courage, compassion, honesty, sharing, friendship, cooperation, respect, perseverance, self-discipline, and responsibility. Artists-Unlimited published Good Manners for Kids of All Ages, a read-along / sing-along book and CD in 2010 that gives guidance about 12 different manners from respecting someone's space to using the telephone. Regina's latest book, My Daddy Has PTSD, published by CreateSpace in 2014, is designed to help children in military families who are dealing with parental PTSD symptoms. Regina, her husband, and sons believe that people need to reach out to help military families because dealing with PTSD is a problem for all Americans to solve.

Regina is currently doing workshops to share many activities to compact the curriculum so that more skills can be taught in less time. Her children's books can be used to teach reading skills and many other subjects simultaneously. You can contact her to discuss a workshop designed for your needs at artists-unlimited.nc.rr.com and on Twitter @ReginaGBurch.